Month: May 2021

  • Algo VPN Demo Videos

    Here are the demo videos of Algo VPN deployment on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Introduction to Algo VPN (Video)

    This is an intro to the concept of scripted DIY VPN in the Cloud.

  • Complete Site Redo…

    I am starting from scratch with a complete overhaul of this site. It’s high time for a new look and feel… Installing a new theme, improving the look and feel of it… Re-formatting all posts with Elementor Using more apt plugins And more in my local dev environment. Setting up a staging environment at https://beta.cloudpixels.in

  • The best DIY VPN for gaming

    What does DIY mean? For those who are confused, DIY means “Do It Yourself”. This is a tutorial on setting up the best DIY VPN for gaming or anything else! You will be able to set up a VPN server using Algo and public Cloud providers like Google Cloud, AWS or DigitalOcean. Why do you […]